Resurrection Life Church

012719 | At Home | Richard Hinojosa | Full Service

January 29, 2019

None of us should ever be homeless. Why? Because, God our Father has a place for each of us at home. Even when we have walked away and gone down the road of our own choosing, His love is still there and He is willing for us to come home. You can be at home simply come back. No, judgment from the Father. Just love and mercy.

Many of us leave home because we are angry at God for not being the God we wanted Him to be. Instead He is the God who "is" as Moses found out. God told him to tell Pharaoh "I am" has sent Moses. God is who He is now matter what we create in our own minds. Trust Him to be faithful to us because He is faithful even when we are faithless.

You can be "at home" in the Father's love no matter what you have done or been through. He is there waiting for you to come home!

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