041617 | Proof of Life | Allen Hickman

April 17, 2017

When someone is kidnapped and the perpetrator demands a ransom the people who are trying to save the kidnapped always demand “proof of life”.  “Show me they are alive.”  

We as followers and disciples of Jesus Christ are the living among the dead.  We are the proof of Jesus life.  We are the proof.  Through-out history there have been thousands of people who have given their physical life to attest to the life of God in them.  

Justin Martyr 100 A.D. was the first apologist and gave his life reaching out to leaders of the time with the message of Jesus’ sacrifice and love.  Cyprian 200 AD was a wealthy, pagan who was lead to faith in Jesus and became a prominent priest in early Christianity and die a martyr under the Roman Emperor Valerian.  Moving forward to the 1800’s a lawyer by the name of Lew Wallace a devout atheist and set out to destroy and put an end to Christianity and in the process made Jesus Lord of his life.  He later went on to write the classic novel Ben-Hur.  Richard Wurmbrand born in 1909 was a Romanian Christian minister who during the infancy of Communism in Russia and Europe dared to publicly proclaim that Christianity and Communism where incompatible and suffered imprisonment and torture by the Communist regime of Romania.  He eventually fled Europe and came to America where he founded Voice of the Martyrs.  Joon Gon Kim was a Korean Christian Evangelist. The story goes that during the springtime, as Kim's family was enjoying the day, an angry band of communist guerrillas invaded the village where Kim lived, killing everyone, including Kim's family. The guerrillas killed Kim's wife and father. Kim was beaten and left for dead. Late, he awoke and fled to the safety of the mountains with his young daughter, Unhi Kim.  He eventually returned to his village and sought out the communist that murdered his family and lead them to Jesus.  Kim also founded Korea Crusade for Christ.

All these followers of Jesus lived their life in such a way that they became the proof of Life that the world needed to know Jesus is alive and real.  What about our life?  Are we the proof of Life that the world around us needs to know Jesus is alive and real?  

040917 | Born To Die | Allen Hickman | Part 3

April 11, 2017

Jesus was and is more than just a historical religious figure.  More than a moral and philosophical teacher as many in His day thought He was.  He was more than an icon in what some hoped would result in a political revolution against the Roman Empire.  He was more than just a carpenter’s son or worker of miracles. 

He was the Sacrifice.  He was the Ransom.  He was the Payment.  For what?  Who needed a sacrifice or a ransom paid?  I did.  You did.  We all did.  Since the beginning of time and from the time Adam and Eve fell mankind was in a state of offense with God.  Was God angry and mad at mankind?  Absolutely, not.  He was brokenhearted and yearned to be with His creation but His holy nature and character would not allow sin to partake of the Holy.  So, what did God do?  He made a Way.

That Way was outlined and was a foreshadowing of what Jesus was and would do.  There was a trespass and it had a ransom attached to it and mankind didn’t have anything that was worth enough to pay it.  So, God did what He does He loved us.  He loved us by allowing the only one worthy enough to pay the ransom that was required to buy us back.  That was Jesus, His son.  The one, the only Son of God. 

Jesus was the “trespass offering” need and required in order the enact a new covenant with man that would set us free from having to offering sacrifices year after year to only “cover” our sins for a short period of time.

Pastor Allen finishes up the discussion of the five offerings under the old covenant that were a foreshadowing of things to come in part three of Born To Die.

040217 | Born To Die | Part Two | Allen Hickman

April 4, 2017

In the Old Testament there were many sacrifices that the Israelites where responsible every year to fulfill in order that have God’s approval and mercy on them.  There were all a symbol of what Jesus would fulfill in His life, death, burial and ultimately His resurrection.

The Peace offering also known as the fellowship offering was symbolic of buying back or restoring to an original state.  Jesus’ fulfill this for us and restored our fellowship with God that had been broken in the garden of Eden when Adam and Eve fell.  This offering was a “freewill” offering that was given at the discretion of the worshiper.  The only time this offering was commanded was during the “feast of Pentecost”.  There were 3 types of peace offerings.  The Praise and Thanksgiving offering, the Vow offering and the Freewill offering which could use imperfect animals.  Think of how imperfect we as humans are and how God made a way for the imperfect to come before the perfect without fear or shame through His son Jesus.

The Sin offering was also known as the guilt or purification offering.  In Leviticus 4 it begins to mention willful sin and unintentional sin.  Sin was sin not matter the motive and it had to be dealt with.  Why?  Because sin will always lead to the defilement and breach of our relationship with God.  This was the first offering where atonement and forgiveness are mentioned.  There were also different requirements for different people.

Ultimately all sacrifices and offerings in the Old Testament were a symbol of what Jesus would do.  Under the Old Covenant (testament) the sacrifices would only “cover” the sin for a year and sacrifices had to be made again and again year after year.  But when Jesus came and sacrificed Himself who was perfect and flawless He being the “perfect sacrifice” “wiped out the handwriting of requirements that was against us and nailed it to the cross.” Thus, giving us the opportunity to be free from guilt and shame forever and to become the sons and daughters of God.

032617 | Born to Die | Part One | Allen Hickman

March 30, 2017

Jesus Christ, the son of God was not just a man born with no purpose or destiny.  He was a man with on a mission.  A man with a definite calling on His life.  Each day as a child, adult and finally as a rabbi He was consumed with the reason He was born.  That reason was to die.  Die?  How can you change the world if you die?  How can the revolution against Rome, that His disciple thought He would certainly lead happen if He was dead?  Well, God’s thought and ways are much higher than ours.

God had a plan that would not change the lives of the disciples but change the entire world: forever.  God began His plan back in ancient times of Abraham, Moses, David, and the prophets.  In Moses’ time God had 5 different offerings the Israelites had to give each year as worship to Him.  All those offerings were nothing more than a foreshadowing of Jesus and His mission.

The burnt offering was about total and complete surrender, not ours but Jesus’  He was completely abandoned to God’s purpose for His life.  The Grain offering was a meal offering which represented Jesus obedience of sinless service to God.  The Peace offering was a fellowship offering.  It was about Jesus and the Father intimate relationship.

Pastor Allen begins this series talking about these offerings and more and how they intersect with our lives and lovers and followers of Jesus.

031917 | Refresh Your Soul | Wayne Drain

March 21, 2017

Have you ever felt stuck?  Stuck in life?  Stuck at your job, marriage, school, etc...?  We all have at some point in our life.  We don’t have to stay there.  “But how do I get unstuck?”, you might ask.  Some would say, “it’s simple just get unstuck.”  It’s not as simple as just making a choice.  There is a process of calling out to God and acting in obedience to what He says.

We live in a forward moving world and it prizes perpetual motion.  Our being stuck is not the same as moving forward.  It is a state of dryness, having no vision, can’t picture a bright future, can’t seem to hear from God, etc...  How do you get out of that state?

If you feel stuck in life and just don’t seem you are going anywhere maybe you need to stop and take a personal inventory of the gratefulness of your heart.  Those that are constantly complaining can’t be refreshed because they are clogging their heart up.  But those that are thankful have no room for complaining and thankfulness always brings refreshing.

Guest speaker and friend Wayne Drain share his personal story of how he was stuck and how God refreshed his soul and he “got unstuck” and began a whole new adventure in life.

May God refresh your soul as you listen to Wayne share godly insights about how to be thankful and it’s affect on our soul.

031217 | Your Kingdom Come Here and Now | Allen Hickman

March 13, 2017

The Kingdom of God is not just about getting to heaven but about getting Heaven to earth.  When heaven collides with our natural world the Kingdom of Heaven begins to intersect with our everyday life and we become Kingdom minded and not “worldly” minded.

There is a a distinct difference in the behavior of those of the Kingdom of God and those that are not.  We live by a different set of rules and guidelines.  We are motivated by a completely different Spirit than the rest of the world.  

If we are not living by those standards then we need to line our life up with them.  We must repent and repentance has a 3 fold response.  First there must be renouncing and reversal, then submission and obedience and finally growth and representation.

How do we get heaven to earth?  God has a specific way of doing that.  It is through the church of Jesus Christ.  Not the organized religious groups of people that push their way of living and thinking on people.  It comes when we as followers and lovers of Jesus Christ begin to walk out His Word in our everyday life.  Not because we have to but because His nature has become my

nature and I can’t help but live like Jesus.
The goal of the kingdom is much more than salvation it is all about transformation!

030517 | Momentum Moving Forward | Allen Hickman

March 7, 2017

God has never intended for His church to sit still and collect dust.  He has always wanted us to move forward.  God brings momentum into our lives and it is up to us as a church and individuals to move forward in what He brings.


God is expanding our boundaries but sometimes boundaries are a place of contention.  We may not like the boundaries, we want our boundaries to be larger than what they are, the list is endless.  The main question we need to ask ourselves is where are we limiting God?


If we are to ever move forward with the momentum God provides we are going to have to walk in the path that others have already established.  Learn from those who have gone before us.  Build relationship with those that are moving forward so you can learn from them.


We must learn to walk in the authority that we have been given.  We have the authority of God’s Word, His weapons and His complete victory.  When we live and walk in that authority it is a magnet to those around us not a repellent as some would think.  People want to be a part of something that has life and gives life.


Last, we must always move forward.  Yesterday is in the past and you can live in the past you can only reminisce and learn from it.  Move forward.  The good ole days are right here right now.  God is a God of the new and fresh not the old and dead.  New has nothing to do with age as it does fresh and being alive. 


We move forward towards a finish line and that finish line is not on this side of heaven.  We can’t stop because there are too many people that need to know of and experience the true life changing love of Jesus Christ.  So Church move forward!

022617 | The Secret Place | Jacob Hickman

February 28, 2017

“…your Father who is in secret…”
“…your Father who sees what is in secret…”
“…your Father who is in secret; and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.”

Jesus was trying to tell us something in Matthew 6. In a world where everything is done on a platform or out in public, God is a Father who delights in meeting with us in the secret place. There is a strength and peace derived from meeting with God in the secret place that can’t be found anywhere else. Abraham, Moses, David, Daniel, Paul, and all the other people we see as great, were all people who were great in the secret place.

While any of these stories would make a fitting example of the power of the secret place, John 6 gives a compelling picture of God’s desire to reveal Himself to us in the secret place. It tells the story of a woman who is impacted by an encounter with Jesus while no one else was around and the impact it had not only her but everyone around her.

021917 | Let God Change Your Attitude | Allen Hickman

February 22, 2017

It has been said for centuries that “attitude is everything.” Attitude is basically how we perceive the world in which we live. “Good Lord, it’s morning” or “Good morning, Lord.” It all depends on your attitude.

Many Christians are living in a state of defeat because they have not allowed God through His Holy Spirit to change their attitude or their way of thinking. Why? More than likely it is because we think there is nothing wrong with our attitude. If we would just stop long enough to hear God He would let us know there is a better way of living. Philippians 2 tells us to have the same “mind” or “attitude” as Jesus Christ. “He had equal status with God but didn't think so much of himself that he had to cling to the advantages of that status no matter what. Not at all. When the time came, he set aside the privileges of deity and took on the status of a slave, became human!” Philippians 2:6-7 (MSG) Wow, now that is a complete attitude and what of thinking change.

If we are going to make a significant impact on our world we are going to have to understand and change our attitude about a few things. First, we must have the correct attitude towards the world. The world is not our enemy. We are to love the world with the love of Jesus but not its systems and sinful lust. We must yearn and hunger for God and the things of God. Not religion but hunger after God Himself. We also have to have three desires. First we must desire to win. Christ wins and if we are in Him so do we. Second, is our life must be found in Christ. Third, we must hunger to know Him. Three experience we need are, the power of His resurrection, the power to overcome Satan and the power of the supernatural by way of the Holy Spirit working in and through our life.

Listen this week as Pastor Allen share these points and more along with passionate and thought provoking true stories and personal experiences.

021217 | Faith That Wins | Allen Hickman

February 16, 2017

The Bible says that “without Faith it is impossible to please God.  For those who come to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.”  Many Christians are not walking in the blessings of God or embracing the promises of God found in Jesus because they don’t have the faith to do so.  Why?  Because they are not living out the basics of their relationship with God.

First you must pay attention to God’s written Word on a regular basis.  A regular basis does not mean once at week at church on Sunday.  It means spending time with God and His Word on a DAILY basis.  It’s hard to have faith in someone you never spend time with.

Second is you must pay attention to YOUR words.  Speaking life to your family and community will only come as you allow the Holy Spirit of God to speak life to you.  Your words will bring life or death it’s all in what you speak.

And lastly our obedience to God and his commands are absolutely imperative.  What good it is to read God’s Word, pay  attention to your words and not do what God says?  It’s no good.  If we want faith that wins we must apply these basis principles to our life.