021217 | Faith That Wins | Allen Hickman

February 16, 2017

The Bible says that “without Faith it is impossible to please God.  For those who come to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.”  Many Christians are not walking in the blessings of God or embracing the promises of God found in Jesus because they don’t have the faith to do so.  Why?  Because they are not living out the basics of their relationship with God.

First you must pay attention to God’s written Word on a regular basis.  A regular basis does not mean once at week at church on Sunday.  It means spending time with God and His Word on a DAILY basis.  It’s hard to have faith in someone you never spend time with.

Second is you must pay attention to YOUR words.  Speaking life to your family and community will only come as you allow the Holy Spirit of God to speak life to you.  Your words will bring life or death it’s all in what you speak.

And lastly our obedience to God and his commands are absolutely imperative.  What good it is to read God’s Word, pay  attention to your words and not do what God says?  It’s no good.  If we want faith that wins we must apply these basis principles to our life.

020517 Living Life On Mission | Part 5 | Allen Hickman

February 6, 2017

Before Jesus ascending to heaven He left the disciples with some very specific instructions as to how we, as the church, should engage and interact in this world.  Some of those instructions may have seemed monumental and impossible to fulfill however, Jesus didn’t leave us helpless or powerless.  He sent us His Holy Spirit to give us the power to BE the church not DO church.

There are a few things that we as the Church should never veer off course from.  First, we must understand that we are in a real fight.  This is not some “mamby pamby” scuffle with a classmate in grade school but people’s lives are literally hanging in the balance.  It is part of our mission to fight for them and stay true to each other.  Second, we must aim at real targets.  We must be straight shooters.  The souls of people are most important.  We must reach the lost who are without a relationship with God.  We have been anointed to set the captives free.  How? Through the power of the Holy Spirit that Jesus sent to empower us to set them free.  We will always fight for marriages, families and children.  No matter what our current culture defines as important those will always be the paramount mission of the Church.

This fight is not a fight that we can win with weapons of this world.  We fight a spiritual war that is only done through weapons that He provides.  Prayer and worship, obedience, the words of our mouth and love are just few.  Once we learn what our mission is and live life on mission we then can know that we can change our world.

012917 | Living Life On Mission | Part 4 | Allen Hickman

January 31, 2017

In order to live a life that is truly significant you must know your identity and where that identity comes from.  If we are truly the sons and daughters of God then our identity should and does come from the worth and value our heavenly father gives us.  

First we must know who He is before we can know who we are.  His Word opens up a plethora of characteristics of His nature and who He is.  That is why studying, knowing and living His Word is so important and vital to living our life on mission.  However, to know who He is means we have to spend time with Him.  When we spend the time with Him we develop our identity, value and worth.

Second we must know who we are.  We are the sons and daughters of God that have been purchased by the invaluable blood of God’s son; Jesus. Thus, placing a value on us that boggles the mind but frees our spirit to be who God has called us to be.  As we walk in the understanding and revelation of who we are in Him our life purpose has meaning, worth and direction.  Producing in us a confidence that keeps us on track and focused.

Lastly we must be open to the Holy Spirit’s impartation of the things and principles that God values.  The only way we can do that is to humble ourselves before God and allow His Holy Spirit to do His work in the depths of our hearts and souls.  When we do theses things we will begin to live a life on mission.

012217 | The Hometown Demon | Jacob Hickman

January 24, 2017

The hometown demon has robbed more miracles than we can count. Because I know a person well or a person knows me well, it whispers things like, “that’s just the way it is… they’re never gonna change.” He uses this kind of language to accomplish his one mission, to steal hope.

He robs the hope for ourselves: "they all know what I've done"

He robs the hope for other people:  “I’ve known them forever. They'll always be that way." So why bother?

Can you live a life of victory in your own hometown? People know you. People know what you did. People know what you used to do. That's okay because Jesus has taken care of that hometown demon that tries to haunt you with your past.

This also happened to Jesus in His own hometown, and in this message Jacob Hickman our college pastor exposes the lie and helps us discover the key to living in hope for the future, even in a place where you have a less than desirable past.

011517 | Living Life on Mission | Part 3 | Allen Hickman

January 17, 2017

If we are to ever live a life of significant we are going to have to get out of our comfort zones.  We have been taught in America to think that comfort is a right given to us by the constitution.  That is far from the truth.  God never promised us a life of comfort but He did promise us a life of significance.  It won’t be easy to get out of our comfort zone but it will be worth it.  We will have to fight for it.  We will have to fight our flesh, Satan and even other people.

Well, how do we live a life of significance?  By starting small.  Monumental change happens incrementally.  God is not asking you to change overnight, He knows we are limited as humans and change come through a process.  Start with one thing, one person, one day.  Also, we must watch the words coming out our mouth.  We must be consistent and let God’s presence rule our life, on a daily basis.

We must not allow the perils of this world to keep us from staying passionate about God, our destiny, our relationship and life in general.  When we stay passionate for His presence we will see how He sees, walk with confident in His love, love others with His love, we will hang around others that are leading significant lives.  Remember we can’t do this alone, we need each other.

010817 | Living Life on Mission | Part Two | Allen Hickman

January 9, 2017

Our lives are not to be lived by accident but to be lived on purpose and with intentionality.  If we are to live life on mission we have to be more than successful.  We can be successful with the principles found in our America mindset and the corporate world.  To be significant we have to live a life that is beyond our ability to make happen apart from the power of God.  Significance is about making a difference more than making a point.  We can make a point and never make a difference but when we are making a difference making a point is not a big thing because it just happens organically.

Daily satisfaction and continued reward for merely working to make a difference, small or large in the lives of others is a basic definition of significant.  God has a purpose and destiny that only you can fulfill.  That is why it is so important to position ourselves to hear His voice and to be open to the empowering of the Holy Spirit to make it happen in our life.

Our life has a ripple effect on other people’s lives.  That effect can be positive or negative depending on how you live your life.  If lived on mission, with purpose and divine destiny it will change the world, or at the very least someone’s world.

010117 | Living Life On Mission | Allen Hickman

January 4, 2017

Living life on mission is more about sense of purpose and destiny than it is anything else.  When we know in our heart of hearts that we have a purpose that comes from God there is not much that can stop us from fulfilling that destiny.  It empowers us with the tenacity to move forward despite the obstacles that we may encounter.  

Direction is key to living a life on mission.  No one gets in a car with no purpose in mind, be it just a joy ride, road trip or a vacation.  There is a purpose and a reason behind the action.  The Church of Jesus Christ has become somewhat impotent and irrelevant in our world because we have lost sight of the goal, purpose and destiny God has call us to.  But when we do grasp hold of it we become an unstoppable force for good in a world of hurt, shame, destruction and pain.  Why?  Because we have direction and those with direction are hard to get off course.  It is a visionless, directionless, and purposeless world that is at the mercy of the winds of change and hopelessness.  

As we begin a brand-new year may we see it as a starting point and “do over” if you will.  The mercies of God are new every morning they don’t run out at the end of the day.  They start fresh and new the next morning.  So yes, you can start over, fresh, new, and with a clean slate beginning.  You can live your life on mission and with a mission getting it straight from the expedition leader Himself, Jesus.  Stop what you are doing, get alone, spend time with Him, don’t talk, listen and then obey!

122416 | Letters From Dave | Christmas Eve | Allen Hickman

December 27, 2016

Christmas is a day to celebrate the birth of Christ and a day where we give gifts to others to represent the love that God gave us through His son Jesus.  It is also a day where we as a families gather together and love on each other sharing memories, laughter and food.  Not everyone has the family they once did and some share Christmas alone with no family to comfort them or be with.  Yet God in His great wisdom and mercy understood this and provided us with what we need before we knew we would need it.

In this Christmas eve service children have the opportunity to share their version of the Christmas story.  Much is insightful as well as humorous and some quite witty.  Pastor Dan Finley then shares the Christmas story from Luke’s perspective and how the shepherds marvelled at the host of Angels singing and giving them directions to where the saviour of the world was born.

Pastor Allen then shares an emotional and true story about letters from Dave to his wife after his death and the amazing gift he left her.  He provided for his wife what she needed before she knew she would need it, just has our heavenly Father has done for us.

121816 | The Unexpected Gift

December 21, 2016

Life has a funny way of throwing us curve balls and getting us all out of sorts and just messing our life up.  Sometimes though those unexpected “problems” can be an unexpected gift in disguise.

I am sure that Mary and Joseph were not to excited about having a baby with the circumstances surrounding Mary's pregnancy.  However, what they thought was a major life altering problem actually was the greatest gift the world will have ever known.  We are still celebrating it over 2000 years later.

This year’s Christmas presentation is a spin off of that idea.  The south is known for erratic weather.  It can be cold one day and summer time the next.  The scenario is: Christmas day, people have been flooded out of their homes and are in a shelter for the holiday.  It is not the most exciting set of circumstances for anyone on Christmas.  The focus is on a young family dealing with the inconvenience of the flood and how they deal with an unexpected gift from Heaven.

121116 | The Big Question | Allen Hickman

December 15, 2016

There was a star in the east that lead men of great stature to embark on a two-year journey that would result in them asking a foreboding question, “Where is He who has been born King of Jews?”  The question wasn’t a foreboding one for them but it was for King Herod and the people of Jerusalem.

Questions can be powerful.  The answers can hold great joy for some and deep sorrow for others.  It just depends on the question.  Questions have the power to bring peace or separate and divide.  If you know the answer to the question, then the question doesn’t bother you.  

Questions have been creating havoc and paradise since creation.  The serpent asked Eve, “did God really say not to eat for the tree of knowledge of good and evil?”  Well, you know the rest of the story.  The question the wise men asked helped give birth to a religion that has changed the world and specifically billions of people’s lives ever since.  The big question?  “What will you do with Jesus?”  That is a question that can strike fear in your heart or ecstatic joy giving opportunity for you to share the answer.

So during this holiday time we would like to ask you the question, “What will you do with Jesus?”  Make Him Lord of your life, or choose to go your own way?  That is the big question.  If you would like to make Jesus Lord of your life give us a call at the phone number listed below and we would love to lead you to an amazing new life that can only be found in Him.