082116 | Why So Downcast? | Allen Hickman

August 23, 2016

Life can get a little hectic and overwhelming at times and can be taxing on the soul.  We can get a little downcast and depressed when things don’t seem to go the way we thought they would or we make bad decisions that have detrimental outcomes.  We as followers of Jesus Christ have a hope that the rest of the world doesn’t have.  This is a hope that give us a joy that is unspeakable, a love that is unimaginable, and peace that is incomprehensible.  That will only come as we put our hope in God and not the current affairs of this world.

You may ask, “how did I get to this place of being so downcast?”  There are a few things that if not dealt with will drive us to a place of being downcast and depressed.  First make sure you pay attention to the “rest” that you get.  When you are tired physically you are more susceptible to the attacks of the enemy.  Second you have to allow God’s love to cast out the fears you have within.  When you don’t you start to believe the lies of the enemy and you take up offenses.  Lastly don’t allow the conflict in your life to steal your peace no matter whether they are within your control or not.  

God is near to those who are downcast and He wants to lift them up.  Why so downcast? Put your hope in God.  He and He alone can bring you the joy, peace, and love that can change the world.  

081416 | The Walking Dead | Todd Goodwin

August 17, 2016

Jesus came that we might have life and not just mere existence but an abundant, adventurous and exciting life.  We, as Christians were not called to the mundane, boring, cold, and stiff life.  That's what the walking dead is all about, mindless and imbecilic lives. 

We will become the walking dead if we don't do a few things.  First we must check our vital signs or a least have the people around us check them for us.  That's why small groups are so important.  It's hard to see pride in the mirror. 

Second we must pay attention to the details of our life.  Nobody ever dreams of getting divorced or becoming an addict but because they did pay attention the details of their life the enemy crept in and slowly and intentionally destroyed them from within. 

And lastly if we are to not become the walking dead we are going to have to live our life in rows and not circles meaning its not about Sunday morning attendance but the small groups and connections of our lives that will keep us safe from becoming the walking dead.

The walking dead always consume and never brings life to others but the followers of Jesus alway bring life because life flows to and through them.

080716 | It’s Time To Activate | Allen Hickman

August 11, 2016

We were never meant to just blend in as followers of Jesus Christ.  We were meant to have an impact on the world in which we live.  The early church affected and infected the culture in which it lived and made a difference in the world.  People didn’t just see the signs and wonders in the church but the love, joy, and peace that came as a result of following Jesus.

However, the state of the Church is America as a whole is that she is a sleeping giant.   Yes, there are some “pockets” of life giving churches but as a general rule the church in America has lulled itself to sleep.  

Its time we are once again activated.  Not activated to busyness but to the call God has placed on His Son’s bride, the Church.  We are to constantly affect positive change in our world and in so doing we bring glory and honor to Jesus.

In order to do all that we are going to have to do a few things first.  We must change our way of thinking.  Realize that we have been given something the world around us desperately needs.   We have been given gifts and talents by the Holy Spirit that are to be used to change our world.  When the Church does these and more we become the bride God intended and our world, no matter where you live, is changed for the better.  It’s time to activate!  

073116 What Makes Us Blessed? His Presence | Allen Hickman

August 1, 2016

What does it mean to be blessed?  Ask any Christian and you’ll get a different answer from everyone.  However, in America we have a tendency to define much of what the Bible says through the lens of an America ideology and popular culture.  To be blessed in America equates to money or possessions.  If that is true what about the guy living in India’s slums who is a disciple of Jesus?  Is he not as blessed as were are?   What make us blessed is not money or possessions but God’s presences.  It is not being in a worship service, though God’s presence can be there.  It is not riding down the road listening to Christian radio, though that is a good thing to do.  It’s about living in such a way that we are constantly walking and “abiding” in Him 24/7.    When that happens we live a life of love, we have a joy that is not only unspeakable but unfathomable and unexplainable.  A joy that the world envies.  We don’t have to live with fear controlling our lives and lastly we live a life that is marked with supernatural activity.   Answered prayer will not be a surprise to us but an expected result.  Healing will not be something that God uses someone else to do but you will be a yielded and open vessel which God uses to display His power.

Pastor Allen Hickman ministers these points and more as he discusses what being blessed truly means and how we are to live as blessed people and children of God.

072416 | Eternal Purpose | Brent Wale

July 26, 2016

Life can have a funny affect on us.  Life can change our perspective.  It can change it by what we go through and what we experience.  However, we as followers of Jesus Christ should have an eternal perspective that comes from God.  It is so true, that God’s ways are above our ways, His thoughts greater than our own.  If we have a perspective on life that comes from the best this world has to offer we will walk in depression, hopelessness, fear, selfishness, et cetera.  But if we see life through the eyes of God He brings, hope, joy, peace, love unselfish living, and so much more.  

If we are going to have an eternal perspective we will have to understand a few things.  First we must not believe the legitimacy lies.  Meaning, we can believe what we do makes us legitimate in God’s eyes.  Second we can get wrapped up in the chase trap, chasing the things of this world that only end in hopelessness and yearning.    And lastly remember that this world or “Neverland” will make you forget, forget about the goodness of God.  If we look at life the way the rest of the world does we will forget about God’s love and mercy.

Youth Pastor Brent Wales shares about how we are to keep an eternal perspective as we understand and fulfill our eternal purpose in God.

071716 | Seasons of Change | Murphy Matheny

July 18, 2016

God is a big God.  He will do above and beyond what we could ever ask or think.  God does not do the same thing the same way every time.  He is a big God and we cannot begin to fathom what He can do but are willing to try?  God does things in seasons.  He moves for a certain time in certain way and then He will change.  We are in a season of change.  God is wanting to do a new thing in His Church.  He wants to change the Church from the inside out.  In order to do that we are going to have understand a few things. 

First we are going to have to not allow our past to dictate our future.  Just because God did it a certain way years ago doesn’t mean He wants to do it that way now.  He wants to do a new thing, something fresh.  Second, we see and embrace the new thing that God wants and is doing.  Lastly we as the Church must live in an state of anticipation. an anticipation of greater things.

Long time friend and guest speaker Murphy Matheny shares a word from God about the seasons of change that God want to bring and how we as the Church must learn how to navigate it.

071016 | Sharpen the edge of your Sword | Mike Ewoldt

July 12, 2016

The Word of God is not just words on paper that offers good advice.  The Word of God, the Bible, is quick (alive) and powerful, not because we believe it, but because it is the words of God to man and His Spirit empowers it.  But what makes it truly living and active is when we, the followers of Jesus, walk it out in our everyday life.  Before we live it out it is just like any other book but when by the power of the Spirit we do live it out it brings hope, life, peace, comfort, love, joy, and the list goes on.

The Bible is a “two-edged” sword and is used not to cut and kill but like a surgeons knife it always cuts to heal.  But just like a real sword our spiritual sword can get dull from use and time so we must from time to time sharpen the edge of our sword. 

Long time friend and guest speaker Mike Ewoldt share these principles and more in this week message on learning how to sharpen the edge or our sword.

070316 | Never Forget the Sacrifice | Carey Robertson

July 6, 2016

Freedom is never free.  Though we live a life of freedom somebody had to pay a price to ensure you and I have that freedom.  Freedom is not a entitled privilege that is inherent.  It doesn’t just happen, somebody had to sacrifice for it.  There are three kingdom that exist in our world that we have to be aware of in order to truly understand freedom.  The first one is the political kingdom.  Every nation and people group in the world has a political system.  Some are oppressive, others are freeing and liberating.   We must learn how to live within that kingdom whether we like it or not.

There is a the satanic kingdom that is at work in our world also.  This kingdom is lead by someone who only wants to kill, steal and destroy the human race.  He always work incognito until he reaches his goal and then he is happy to reveal who he is.

The last kingdom is the heavenly kingdom.  This is a kingdom of hope, love, peace, joy, integrity, honor and freedom.  You can live in an oppressive political kingdom and still live in the kingdom of heaven and walk in freedom.  Jesus Christ sacrificed the highest price in order for us to have freedom.  May we never forget that sacrifice.  May we never take our freedom both spiritual and physical for granted.  May we remember the sacrifice others have made to ensure our freedom and those that come after us.  

062616 | The Glory Goal | Dan Finley

June 29, 2016

“From glory to glory,” is a statement that has been used in Christianity that most people, Christian and non-Christian don’t really understand.  We are all on a quest for the glory of God.  However, it’s really not our quest but it is by the power of the Holy Spirit that we will be changed from “glory to glory”.  Jesus is savior, because we could not save ourselves, even if we did not think we needed saving.  If we are drowning we don’t have the power to save ourselves and need a rescuer or savior.  We are powerless to produce what we need to save ourselves.  The only thing we can do is cry out for help.

Humanism is the belief that “mankind can perfect itself without the aid of divinity.”  But the truth is that we can’t perfect or save ourselves.  God has called us to be sons and daughter of the Most High God and has sent the Holy Spirit to us to ensure that we had the power to do what He was calling us to do and be who He destined us to be.  

The language of heaven is love and not faith.  Perfect love cast out all fear not faith.  Faith is needed but we live off our faith and not of faith living off us.  The Church once she steps into the true glory of God will impact the world in such a way that they will be knocking down our doors to get what we have. 

061916 | The Blessing | Allen Hickman

June 22, 2016

Now more than ever is a family blessing needed in our society.   In the book of Genesis it show us how important a family blessing was to Esau.  A family blessing brings acceptance, helps them develop, teaches them about relationships, and gives them security.  Have the blessing of your family is more important that just having their permission.  We live in a soceity and world where the family unit has fallen apart and millions of people are suffering because they don’t understand family and are missing out on the blessings that come from being in a family.

There are five basic elements of a family blessing.  First, there is meaningful touch.  A hand on the shoulder can affirm a son or a tender hug can bring comfort to a daughter.  Second, there is spoken word.  Say what you need to say.  90/10 rule.  90 percent of the time should be positive, life-giving words and 10 percent where you are disciplining and correcting.  Third is attaching value to the one.  Remind your child, no matter how many you have that they are valuable.  Fourth, show them a picture of their future.  Show them that you believe in them that they have a destiny.  Fifth and lastly, have active commitment in their lives.  Take personal responsibility.  You as a parent will never be able to do that if you don’t have the relationship with God you should.  That is why it is so important that we humble ourselves and develop a deep, personal and intimate relationship with God, so we can bless our family.