Resurrection Life Church

01032021 | Fighting for the Promise Land | Part 1 | Allen Hickman | Message Only

January 5, 2021

God has made us some promises.  His promises are "yes and amen." He always keeps His promises.  However, that doesn't mean we just sit back and just wait for the promises to drop in our laps.  When God promised Israel a new home called their "promise land" He didn't tell them it was going to be easy or they were not going to have to work for it.  Many times God's promises come with some task that have to be done in order to lay claim to those promises.  The Israelites came up against some "Giants in the Land" that they had too slain in order to possess the land.  Because the Israelites depended on God and sought His guidance He gave them victory and they were able to possess their promise land.

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