Resurrection Life Church

03072021 | Extravagant Prayers | Allen Hickman | Message Only

March 9, 2021

Prayer is not some holy, religious, super-spiritual act that only the most devoted and righteous people do.  It is simple communication with God.  It is us conversing and listening to Him and with Him.  It’s more than something we do on “God’s day”.  It is truly our spiritual lifeline.  It is our connection to Him and with Him.  But our prayers should be more than selfish pleas of God meeting our needs and or wish, wants, and whims.  Those are elementary and immature.  Are we praying extravagant prayers?  Prayers that can and will change the world?  Are our prayers altering people’s destiny?  Are they prayers that move Heaven and earth?  It is the fervent prayers of a righteous people that will accomplish much

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