Resurrection Life Church

042818 | Worship & Propehtic Conference | Mallory Bassham | Message Only

May 1, 2018

If we as the body of Christ are going to reach our world with the love of God we are going to have to create a culture of team work.   This means that we have to impact our world by doing a few things. 

First and foremost we must have a desire to grow.  To grow in Christ means that we have a healthy and reverent fear of God and not a timidity.  It is the fear of the Lord that is the beginning of wisdom.

Secondly, we have to desire to live righteously and godly.  Our love for God should have us clinging to the cross and to a spiritual life.  We must seek forgiveness for our shortcomings and sins and move on with open mouths and hearts.

Third, we must desire to please God.  Our first thoughts in the morning should be, of and on Him.  The word of God says that without faith it is impossible to please God.  Why?  Because our hope and life are in Him and what He says and not our own wishes, wants and whims. 

We can as disciples of Christ create a culture within the church that moves the church forward as the body of Christ that brings glory to Jesus and not herself.