060318 | Who Am I? | Part 18 | Allen Hickman | Message Only

June 4, 2018

As children of God we are more than just sons and daughters. We are priceless sons and daughters. God valued us so much so that He was willing to sacrifice the most precious and priceless thing to Him; His own son, Jesus Christ. You might say, "Yes, Yes, I already know that. I've heard it a thousand times." Yes, you may know that but the questions is, "are you living a life that reflects the same values that God has.

Do we find priceless what He finds priceless?" If we do then our life and lifestyle will reflect that. If you can't see the value God places on you it going to be more difficult for you to give others the value that God gives them.

That is why it is so important and paramount that we have a relationship with our Father God that cultivates the value He places on us. When we do we will love like He loves, speak as He speaks, in essence the world will see God through us. That's a part of who we are!