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090918 | Servant King | Allen Hickman | Part 1 | Message Only

September 11, 2018

Being a servant should be synonymous with Christianity.  However, in the United States we as follower of Jesus Christ must fight through the cultural ideologies that promote selfishness as a virtue and humility as a vice.  Unfortunately, the church in America has bought into this way of thinking.  No, not deliberately but unconsciously.  Why? because it has become so embedded in our culture and our culture has been influential on the way the church thinks when it actually should be the other way around.

Serving others from a position of authority is a humbling and freeing all at the same time.  Why? Because when you serve from a heart of love that God has given you it’s not a sacrifice but a joy to serve.  We serve others as sons and daughter of God.  We have the power, authority and compulsion to do so.  In other words we can help but serve others.  We are walking in the footsteps of the first and true servant king; Jesus Christ.  When others see us the should be looking at Jesus because we are living just like He does.