Resurrection Life Church

092318 | The Crazy Stupid Love of God | Jacob Hickman | Message Only

September 25, 2018

Love, in the English language has multiple meanings and usage.  I love my cat, I love my truck, or I love my wife.  All the same word but obviously different meanings.  Because we have this major discrepancy in our language we have a problem understanding what true love is.  In the Greek language, which is where a lot of our English words are either derived from or taken from, it has many words for one word in English.  Love is one of them. 

To say, “I love something” in English doesn’t care the weigh it does in the Greek language, which the New Testament part of the Bible was written in.   So therefore our understanding of God’s love is not where it should be if we apply the same principles of the word the English word “love” to God. 

Lifegroup Pastor Jacob Hickman does an exceptional job of differentiating between the two and descriptively shows us the “Stupid, Crazy, Love of God” and how that love can change everything about who we are!