Resurrection Life Church

7242022 | The Promise | Todd Goodwin | Message Only

July 25, 2022

When God makes a promise He always keep it. Jesus, told His disciples He had to go back to the Father but He would not leave them helpless, He would send the Promise of the Father. Who is that Promise? The Holy Spirit. Many American Christian are apprehensive when you talk about the Holy Spirit. Why? Probably because He is unpredictable, impractical, uncontrollable, and a whole bunch more than we just don't understand. But He is good and comes to empower us, followers of Jesus Christ, to go into all the world and change it and make a difference. We can't do what Jesus has called us to so without Him. We need Him no matter how unpredictable He can be. Without Him we can't be the Church Jesus wants us to be.

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