043017 | Prophetic Conference | Marc Owings

May 3, 2017

God still speaks to His people today. God didn’t suddenly stop speaking to the church because He just got tired of speaking or of us not listening. Just as God hasn’t stopped healing people and performing miracles He hasn’t stopped speaking to us. He loves us and wants desperately to have an intimate relationship with us, that is why Jesus came, lived, suffered, bled, died and was raised again.

Each year the prophetic conference proves to be an amazing time with God and an awesome time of Him speaking to and thru His people and this year was no exception. The Church of Jesus Christ is desperate to hear from God and He is more than willing to speak but we must position ourselves to hear His voice by ridding ourselves of all the obstacles that inhibit us from listening and hearing.

Pastors, Mark Jobe, Marc Owings, Richard Hinojosa and Mallory Bassham team up to allow God to use them to speak words of encouragement, declaration and hope to His people in this year’s Worship and Prophetic Conference; One Kingdom Come.

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