050717 | Generation Next | The Journey Youth

May 11, 2017

Part of Resurrection Life’s DNA is that we believe in the next generation.  We not only believe in them but are willing to allow them to step out in faith and be the generation God wants them to be not the one that we want them to be.  Because of that belief we have opened up our Sunday morning service and allowed them to take over and share the gifts and testimonies that God has given them.

Samantha Burkett shares through an original spoken word she wrote and Joseph Murphy share how God saved him and healed him of deep depression since the time he was 10 years old.  Cole Arthur share how he was simply living his life with no purpose and how He came in a gave him purpose.  Amy Tebow share how God was able to give her a home where people loved and valued her and was able to come to a deeper relationship with God.  Jordan Meyers shared how her family losing their home lead to them living in a hotel for a long time and the close quarter reveal several things about her family that were not healthy but God was able to bring her out of those circumstances and bring her to faith in Him.

Kate Spiers, with her bubbly personality and optimism, reveals the anger and bitterness in her heart towards her father that no one really knew about and how God was able to give her the strength to forgive him and heal their relationship.

You will be blessed and encouraged by these young people’s testimony.  You will see a little of yourself in them.  You will come face to face with the same hope that they have.  You will see that we have a reason to believe in generation next.

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