051417 | Awesome Mom | Amy Hickman

May 16, 2017

To be a mother is one of the greatest callings a woman could ever receive.  Why?  Because she is impacting the world.  As a godly mom, her influence is even greater because she is impacting generations to come through her children with the hope that comes from and through Jesus Christ. 


However, life has its way of bringing disappointment and hurt.  Many moms find it hard to be the godly mom they are to be because of that hurt and disappointment.  Disappointment brings an onslaught of emotions that are not always easy to deal with by yourself.   That is why Jesus told His disciples in John 14:19-27 that He would give them peace, in the midst of the storm.


Many times, we ask God to take away the storm when He wants to take us through the storm.  We don’t always understand why God does what He does but we can rest assured that His love is always there and will guide us through any storm we may encounter.


This week RLM women’s pastor Amy Hickman shares about how God will give moms and others peace in the midst of the storm of life and how she has learned to trust in God while raising 11 boys in today’s topsy turvy world.

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