052117 | Must Start at Go | Allen Hickman

May 23, 2017

How can we love people when we don’t put God first in our life?  We can’t.  Jesus told us to love God and to love others but in order to love others we first must love God.  We don’t love God half-hearted with an reserves left over it is all or nothing.  God gave all and expects us to nothing let than to give our all.

If we are going to truly be the disciples of Jesus and see our world changed we are going to have to go back to “GO”.  There are some simplistic and basic elements that we need to remind ourselves of first of which God wants it ALL.  We don’t negotiate with God.  Why?  Because He is unreasonable?  No, because He knows unless we give Him our ALL we can never be ALL He has destined us to be and we will never be able to love others like He does.

Pastor Allen shares passionately timeless truths that are foundational to walking with God and instrumental in seeing change come to the world in which God has placed us. 

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