061117 | Love Your Neighbor | Part Two | The Greatest | Allen Hickman

June 12, 2017

Loving your neighbor is not always the easiest thing to do.  Especially when your neighbor doesn’t deserve love, or at least that’s what we may think.  Last week we defined what love is and how we are empowered to love by the Holy Spirit of God.  This week’s message is about what kingdom we live in, what true servanthood is and how to define who our neighbor is.

You can’t give love if you have never received love.  Jesus told Peter at the last supper, “if you don’t let me wash your feet you can have not part of me.”  Wow, what powerful words spoken by the creator and savior of the world.  Basically said, “if you don’t let me serve you, or receive from me, you can’t give and serve others as I have loved you.”  Jesus was and is the example of what love is and how to love our neighbor.

Loving your neighbor and serving your neighbor will not be convenient.  You may have to adjust your lifestyle in order to love your neighbor.  It also may require you to sacrifice, time, money, ego, etc…  But true love says it’s worth the sacrifice.  Honestly, according to First Corinthians 13 if it’s true godly love it’s not a sacrifice, you can’t help it.  Loving our neighbor means you go above and beyond what society says is enough.  Love is more than just a choice it is a compulsion. 

Take time this week and look for the opportunity to serve, love, and do kindness to your neighbor; your co-worker, family member, person on the street, etc…  If you do you and they will not regret it.

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