061817 | Love Your Neighbor | Part Three | Allen Hickman

June 20, 2017

What does the kingdom of God value more than anything else?  Relationships.  You can’t love God and hate people.  If you hate people then you need to look at your relationship with God.  It is out of order and not functioning properly if you don’t love people.  Simple, yet profound truth that if lived out on a daily basis can change the world.  Yes, change the world be it the world in which you live or the world at large depending on the “relationships” that you have.  

An author once said, “we are unfit for communion with God with an ongoing quarrel with someone.”  Wow, that is a powerful statement.  God in His Word tells us how important our horizontal relationships are but their health has a lot to do with the health of our vertical relationship with God.  You can’t separate the two they are intertwined.  “Love your neighbor” is more than a nice philosophy or slogan.  As followers of Jesus Christ it should be a way of life and embedded into our hearts, minds, souls and life.

In part three of this series Pastor Allen Hickman share what it means to love your neighbor when they have wronged you.  What do you do with hurts, grudges, and mistreatment?  Hang on to them?  Get even?  Just ignore them in hopes they will just go away?  No, No and No.  We must take our hurts and lay them at the feet of Jesus and allow Him to give us and empower us with a divine love that can only come from Him.

This weeks message is powerful and potent but the punch is eased with a little levity as our drama team does a skit entitled “Grudge”.

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