070217 | Love your Neighbor | Part 5 | Allen Hickman

July 3, 2017

Loving your neighbor is more than just doing things for them but it’s also about building them up with the words that you speak. Words have power. They can end wars or begin wars. They can end marriages or end marriages. Our country was founded on the words from the constitution. The civil war and the end to slavery in our country had to happen or the words of our constitution would have to change. If we as followers of Jesus Christ are to love like He loves then we must stand on His words to us and His commandment to love our neighbor. He has lavished amazing words upon us as His people. We are a peculiar people, a holy nation and royal priesthood. Wow, those are some pretty amazing words for lost and sinful people. But that is what He says about us. Then why shouldn’t we follow suit and do the same for each other, for our neighbor. Words have the power to build or destroy the choice is yours. If we use our words to build we must have 3 things contained in them. First, they must be true. Secondly, they must be timely. Lastly, they must be sincere. One sincere compliment does more than 25 insincere ones. Let us love our neighbors by using our words and His words to build them up and not tear them down.

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