070917 | Love Your Neighbor | Part 6 | Allen Hickman

July 10, 2017

Love is one of the greatest benefits we have from the Kingdom of God. Its dynamics are so different from the world's interpretation of love. It is only through love that we can become perfect, like our Father in Heaven, according to Matthew 5:48. We are able to see Him, love like Him, and become like Him when we walk in love. Being a “Christian” means that we are “little Christ”. We are to be like Him not only in behavior but in heart as well. A man will never rise above the limitations of his heart. You want your behavior to change? Your heart has to change. The thing about it, is that we don’t have the ability to change our heart only God can do that. We must surrender our hearts to Him allowing His Holy Spirit to put His love in our hearts. When He does that we are now empowered with a love that is divine and beyond our ability to replicate with human efforts. A divine love that will change the world to many is incomprehensible. That’s what make God’s love so amazing. It doesn’t make sense to this world because it truly is “out of this world.” Pastor Allen continues the summer series of Love Your Neighbor by targeting the benefits of love and by giving us 4 ways that walking in love manifests itself in our lives.

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