073017 | Dream On | Todd Goodwin

August 1, 2017


God is a creative God and we are created in His image, then we are creative people. He places dreams in us but life has a way of choking the very life out of our dreams.  Remember when you were a six-year-old child and you dreamed of being a flying superhero or a princess, fireman, or a great athlete?  What happened to that child?  Did they die?  If so, why?  Is it because we grew up?  I say grow up but don’t grow old.  We can’t do anything about getting older but we don’t have to stop dreaming and fulfilling those dreams because we get older.

God has a perfect plan for our life and it is so much more than what we can ever imagine.  He goes above and beyond what we could ever ask or think.  It is time for those that have lost their dreams to the harsh reality of life to start dreaming again and for the rest to continue to dream on.

This week’s message is about overcoming the set-backs and fulfilling the dreams God has given you.  Dreams help predict our future, help us prioritize our present and increases our God-given potential.

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