082017 | Family Culture | Allen Hickman

August 23, 2017

Our DNA is what makes us who we are.  Our beliefs come from who we are and we typically live according to those beliefs.  Our culture and how we live comes from who we are.  RLM has 5 basic DNA strands that we live out in 4 ways.  We connect with people, serve others, we invite friends and family and we give of ourselves to others

 Our spiritual DNA is derived straight from the Father, and the first strand of His DNA is an unabated love for people. It's who He is and what He does. If we are a follower of Jesus, it's part of our DNA too. Let it shine through.  People are the center of God’s heart and they should be ours.  

Loving others is nothing more than being who we are as a church and as follower of Jesus Christ.

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