091017 | The Communion | Allen Hickman

September 13, 2017

Jesus before He offered Himself as the sacrifice for all mankind in order to redeem, or buy us back from the enemy, ate a meal with His disciples.  That meal was all about the "new" covenant He was making with all of humanity. The Last Supper or Communion is more than a commandment from God or a sacrament of the church but a privilege that we as His children get to do in remembrance of the ultimate sacrifice Jesus paid.

 Just maybe the Church is sick and weak because we are not discerning the body of Christ properly.  God is unlike humans who say many things that we don’t really mean.  We “run off” at the mouth or we blurt out words that hurt or we simply don’t think about what we are saying.  God however, never utters a word without knowing the intent or the power of those words.  Jesus knew exactly what He was saying at the last supper when He talked about His blood and body.  We don’t always know or understand what He means by that but that is why we must spend time with Him so He can reveal it to us.

Watch and listen this week as Pastor Allen walks us through “The Communion”, what it means, how we are to partake of it, and why we are to “do it in remembrance” of Jesus.  He gives us ample time and opportunity to interact with God’s Holy Spirit through times of repentance and creating an atmosphere to hear God speak to us, His children.

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